281. Kodi Sawin. Independent Candidate for Texas State House. Let’s Get VERY Local. Zombie Candidates and Jack’s Smirking Revenge. The Biden vs Trump Debates are Set. And RFK. Jr Won’t Be Part of ‘Em.

This episode we’re headed down south to Texas. America, meet Kodi Sawin (@KodiforTexas). She’s running for the Texas House of Representatives in the 19th district and is up against some stiff competition. But her common sense, no nonsense approach might just have what it takes to win as an independent in deep red (but always independent) Texas.

Welcome back to our groundbreaking “Meet The 2024 Independent Candidates” series—highlighting independent candidates of all kinds, for all levels of office, from all across America. In our third episode in the series we met Dan Osborn, an independent VETERAN candidate. 

Kodi has served for years as the founder of the Sawin Group, specializing in public and government affairs for infrastructure and natural resource projects. She has been recognized for her knowledge and expertise in water issues in Texas and has worked with utilities, landowners, and non-profits to help fix the problems her community faces. It’s a great look at the local level and the kind of race the national media never takes the time to look at, but the reality is that it’s the kind of race that will make the most impact on the lives of the voters and the rest of the people that live in Sawin’s district.

If you’re interested in independent politics—or American politics in general—this is a rare inside look at politics at the local level. If you’re an independent, you’ve found your home. And an inspiring one at that. 

Your host Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) rips into all of it in this all new episode of Independent Americans. And he’s digging into the announcement of the two Biden/Trump Presidential debates, the latest primary result warning signs, the news out of Ukraine, and why a Fight Club scene is a good reflection of how millions of Americans feel this election year.  

Because on Independent Americans, we’re focused on not just what’s happening now, but also on what’s happening next.

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