37. Pete Buttigieg. Reaction To The Afghanistan Papers. Mayor Pete’s Favorite Drink. His Unexpected Navy Recruiter Story. Arabic Not Aerobics. A President Who’s Not a Parent. What To Do When Your Dog Eats Chocolate. Army vs Navy

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg (@PeteButtigieg) is a political sensation, now topping polls in Iowa and New Hampshire. If elected in 2020, the Democrat will be the youngest President in American history and the first war veteran since George Bush Sr. Before a live audience, [26:19] Mayor Buttigieg sits down for one of his most candid, most hard-hitting and most extended public conversations yet, with combat veteran, author and renowned activist Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff). The second of the candidates in our Presidential candidates series (Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard join us in Episode 30), this groundbreaking episode of Angry Americans (@AngryAmericans) will reveal sides of Mayor Buttigieg you’ve never heard before. 

Mayor Pete shares his favorite drink, an immediate reaction to the shooting in Jersey City and the “Afghanistan Papers”, how his military experience shapes his view on firearms, thoughts on potentially being the first war veteran to serve as president since George Bush Sr, his funny Navy recruiter story, and whether or not he and his husband Chasten plan to have children. And he definitively states a timeline for when he would end the war in Afghanistan. 

[00:45] Rieckhoff kicks-off the show by ripping through the most urgent and important headlines you need to know about in American and global news, politics and culture. From the violent shooting in Jersey City, NJ, to multiple shootings on military bases, to the release of the Afghanistan Papers, to Greta Thornberg being named Time’s Person of the Year. 

[1:25:40] Detective Joseph Seals was tragically killed in Jersey City this week. You can be a helper and donate to support his five children here. Don’t just be active. Be active. 

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