46. Jamil Smith. From Hollywood: New Hampshire Changes the Game. Black History Month in the Age of Trump. Bernie’s Big Win and Bigger Problems. The TBI Scandal. Mentorship from Rachel Maddow and Steve Sabol. Will The Cleveland Browns Suck Forever?

With America’s eyes focused on the New Hampshire results, and looking forward to Nevada and South Carolina, Angry Americans hit the road. We’re going west. To the Golden State. Back to Cali. It’s Angry Americans in Hollywood. 

Meanwhile Donald Trump is out to make Washington DC the Hollywood for ugly people. A week after the Senate refused to convict he’s attacking anyone he sees as an enemy. There’s no hiding from it. Our President is not a Hollywood bombshell. He’s a Hollywood movie monster. Of the ugliest type. He’s not the guy to clean up the swamp. He’s the swamp thing. And every week, he gives us a new reason to be angry. And there’s lots to get into in this episode. 

Including my very special conversation with one of the most dynamic guests we’ve had on this show yet. Jamil Smith. [46:40] Jamil is a reporter, an activist, a storyteller, a social and political critic–and an incredibly important and rising voice on politics, culture, race, sports–and more. It’s a hard hitting conversation–with all the news of the world unfolding–in the middle of black history month–with race and our racist President–at the center of all of it. It’s a fascinating conversation that explores why so many people in this country are angry—and with good reason. We also talk football, beer and why Bernie can’t win. I’ve got a very timely action segment, that’ll inspire you to turn your anger into positive impact. And some news about upcoming shows, events, and even a recap of the amazing FDNY vs Chicago PD charity hockey game that we sponsored — and many of you helped support. 

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