49. Stephanie Ruhle. Breaking Down Bloomberg. Fed Rates and Coronavirus. Biden’s Jon Snow Super Tuesday. Mastering AP Calculus AND Spring Break. Roses and Thorns. Rieckhoff’s Super Hot Quarterback. Tequila Turns You Up To 11. Effort is Everything.

With the 2020 race upended, the stock market disrupted, and the Fed drastically dropping interest rates, NBC News Senior Business Correspondent Stephanie Ruhle (@SRuhle) breaks it all down from the inside. [1:07:05] And she sharply analyzes the spectacular collapse of Mike Bloomberg’s campaign from the perspective of someone who worked for him. This candid and fun conversation gives you insights into the mind and life of a charismatic leader who overcame tremendous adversity to rise to the top of business and political media. Uncensored and unscripted, the former homecoming queen, turned Wall Street derivatives trader, turned cable TV anchor, shares how she juggles work as a mother of three, the values her mother taught her that fuel her success, and why she loves tequila. 

Ruhle is a dedicated philanthropist, a media trailblazer, a champion for the underdog — and a fantastically fun person to hang out with. The former anchor of MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle and Velshi & Ruhle, Ruhle was also managing editor and news anchor for Bloomberg Television and editor-at-large for Bloomberg News. She’s an advocate for a number of important causes including the Corporate Investment Bank (CIB) Women’s Network, Women on Wall Street (WOWS) and Girls, Inc–nonprofit organization that encourages all girls to be “Strong, Smart, and Bold” through direct service and advocacy. 

Stephanie Ruhle is another important, inspiring and iconic American success story that embodies what this pod is all about. After earning a coveted spot on the trading floor of a male-dominated Wall Street firm, she used her wits and unstoppable determination to dominate the playing field — eventually graduating to the forefront of broadcasting in cable network news. This episode is a handbook on how she’s done it.

Host Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) gets you up to speed on the biggest political news of the week fast. The passionate political independent, Iraq veteran and renowned activist leads the fiery conversation with Stephanie—and breaks down Super Tuesday, the Coronavirus, why Bernie Sanders is falling, and how the 2020 race is like Game of Thrones. And as in every Episode of Angry Americans, Rieckhoff offers an inspiring way to turn your righteous anger into positive impact. It’s another powerful episode of the show that’s been rising on the news and political charts and featured in Variety, NPR, The New York Times and more. 

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