53. Dr. Paul Haser. Inside a Brooklyn Emergency Room: The Front Lines of the Coronavirus War. The USS Roosevelt vs COVID-19 and Trump. Governor DeSantis is an Asshole. 13 Veterans Dead in Holyoke, MA. The FDNY needs masks. Remembering Marvin Gaye.

More than ever before, we should all listen to the doctors. And celebrate the doctors. In this vital episode, we talk with one of those brave fighters in the expanding war against the coronavirus. A hero who is right now fighting COVID-19 and saving lives. Dr. Paul Haser is a brilliant and heroic emergency surgeon at Brookdale Hospital Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York–a front line in our global war against the coronavirus. One that this week became a war zone.

[1:10:30] Dr. Paul Haser takes us inside. He’ll show you what the face of our enemy looks like. He’ll tell you what it’s like to operate on someone who’s tested positive for COVID-19. He’ll explain what you can do to protect yourself. And what you can do to support the heroes like him, and all the incredible medical professionals risking their lives for us. 

Prior to the fight against COVID-19, Dr. Haser volunteered in Haiti after the catastrophic earthquake of 2010. He also served at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany–the only forward-stationed medical center for U.S. and Coalition forces–where he treated combat injuries and performed the first endovascular aortic graft implantation procedure ever, saving the life of an American sniper with a piece of shrapnel next to his heart. Now, Dr. Haser is on the forward edge of our fight against the coronavirus, inside one of the hardest hit hospitals in the world. A dangerous place, deep behind the lines, surrounded by the enemy. This is a conversation everyone needs to hear now. 

Our host, independent activist and Iraq Veteran Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) leads this vital episode and breaks down the most urgent political, defense and veterans news you need to know–with equal doses of snark and funny. He gets an update from 9/11 hero FDNY firefighter Rob Serra (@SerraRob) about a critical and outrageous shortage of masks facing NYC firefighters. Rieckhoff also digs into how COVID-19 has taken out a US Navy aircraft carrier, how the number of dead veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs is rising, which Governors and Mayors are costing American lives, and how unlikely leaders like Dolly Parton are heroically stepping up to help. It’s important, informative and inspiring. 

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