66. Willie Geist. Morning Joe vs Donald Trump. Charlize Theron and Nancy Pelosi Are In My Garage. Russian Bounties on US Troops. July 4th in a Pandemic. The Wu-Tang Question. Mount Rushmore is Infected with The Sickness. Vanilla Ice Sucks.

Willie Geist (@WillieGeist) is one of the most beloved leaders in American media. The co-host of Morning Joe and Host of NBC’s TODAY, Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist, and the Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist podcast, is back on Angry Americans for a uniquely candid, extended and fun conversation with his buddy, Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff).[1:28:54] Willie was our first every guest on the pod back in Episode 1. And now, he’s finally back to talk about life hosting the show that Trump watches (and attacks) on a regular basis, interviewing newsmakers from his garage, his favorite band, fatherhood in the pandemic, and his love of hip-hop. It’s Willie Geist like you’ve never heard him before–as the master interviewer becomes the interviewee. 

Angry Americans is the freshest and realist breakdown of the news in America–and jumped to the top of the political and news podcast charts worldwide. Paul Rieckhoff takes you into the July 4th holiday with a laid-back, fun, and at times serious, conversation with one of the most influential voices in America. The renowned activist and author also rips through the most important stories shaping the future of our country. Russian bounties paid to kill US troops, Trump’s decision to finally wear a mask, the skyrocketing number of coronavirus cases at the Department of Veterans Affairs, and push to change the names of military bases dedicated to traitorous racists. And presents “Operation Free America”—a strategy to combat Trump. Fresh off news-making appearances on CNN with Chris Cuomo and MSNBC with Ari Melber and shout-outs from Chuck D of Public Enemy, Rieckhoff tears into all of it. 

It’s an Independence Day special episode of THE podcast for independent American politics, news and culture. Angry Americans continues to gain supporters and make waves worldwide, and was recently featured on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Variety, NPR, The New York Times and SiriusXM

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