67. Joy Taylor. Sports & Politics Collide in a Pandemic. Trump Lied, Vets Died. Tucker Carlson vs Tammy Duckworth. Vindman’s Out of the Army. COVID19 Cocktail Tests on Dying Vets. Baseball & Basketball Return. Kaepernick, Tequila & Wearing #99.

As national security controversies dominate headlines like never before, host Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) tears into the urgent latest news on possible Russian bounties paid to kill US troops. The President and Secretary of Defense Esper knew about it all. We cover Trump’s shameful attacks on Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman that drove him out of the military, the grisly murder of Army Specialist Vanessa Guillen, the skyrocketing number of coronavirus cases inside the Department of Veterans Affairs, and Tucker Carlson’s outrageous slander of decorated combat veterans and US Senator, Tammy Duckworth. It’s a flurry of news you need to know about. All this while a blockbuster new Washington Post investigative story reveals that dozens of dying veterans were tested with unproven coronavirus cures pushed by Trump and Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Wilkie. Trump lied and veterans died. The stakes have never been higher–and independent Army veteran and activist Rieckhoff rips through it all like only he can. 

And all of this unfolds as sports finally returns to play across America. Major League Baseball has restarted, the NBA is back in action, and NFL football is hoping to do the same soon. But players are getting sick, pushing back and speaking out. This while Trump attacks African-American NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace and Quarterback Colin Kaepernick and even defends the display of the Confederate flag at sporting events. The intersections of sports and politics have never been more intense. The dynamic Joy Taylor (@JoyTaylorTalks) is the important, inspiring and iconic guest who joins Angry Americans to guide us through all of it. Joy is one of the most dynamic, up-and-coming stars in the world of sports media and the charismatic co-host of The Herd with Colin Cowherd (@TheHerd)–the massively popular and influential daily show on Fox Sports 1. She was formerly the moderator/referee/voice of reason for Fox Sports 1’s controversial Skip and Shannon: Undisputed with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Today Joy is now the host of her own sport and culture podcast, Maybe I’m Crazy with Joy Taylor (@MaybeImCrazyPod). She comes from a military family, and is a longtime supporter of the military, and the proud sister of NFL Hall of Fame legend, Jason Taylor (@JasonTaylor). If you’re a fan of Joy, you know she doesn’t hold back. And this is Joy uninterrupted and totally candid, from inside her home studio in Los Angeles. Rieckhoff is a former college football player and high school coach, and leads a fresh and fun conversation with one of the most interesting and dynamic voices in sports and media.

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