71. Rex Chapman. The Master of Twitter Inspiration and Former NBA Star on the Pandemic, Trump, BLM, and Sports Reopening. Shutting Down Mitch McConnell. Opening Up About Opioid Addiction. Playing for Team USA with the Admiral. Going Viral in a Pandemic.

Former NBA star (@RexChapman) [17:53] has quickly become one of the single most popular and beloved figures on Twitter. Rex was a basketball superstar. He took the Kentucky Wildcats to the Sweet 16. And played for the USA national team in the Pan-AM games. 

He was an NBA lottery pick, going #8 overall in the 1988 draft. He electrified America in the dunk competition, and played for 12 seasons for the Charlotte Hornets, Washington Bullets, Miami Heat and Phoenix Suns. Always a fan favorite, Rex once dropped 39 points on Michael Jordan. But injuries eventually drove him out of the game. And into addiction. After his playing days ended, Rex fell into gambling and the deepest depths of opioid addiction. He fell hard–and he fell in public. And it almost killed him. But Rex Chapman has always been a fighter. And he fought back. He got help. He got support. And he started a new life after opioids, helping others where he could. 

Especially on Twitter–where his account has become a daily visit for millions. From friends of this pod like Ambassador Susan Rice, Ron Perlman, Stephanie Ruhle and Jeffrey Wright, to Booger McFarland and Martina Navratilova, to LTC Alexander Vindman, to Megyn Kelly, to Trevor Noah, to McHammer, to Congressman Justin Amash and Congresswoman AOC–they all follow Rex. And he’s not just posting videos. He’s calling BS. He’s putting out good information. And he’s making an impact. 

Independent activist, Army veteran and renowned social entrepreneur Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) leads a candid, extended and fascinating conversation with one of the most influential voices in American social media. It’s another dynamic episode of Angry Americans—the best weekly podcast in America for independent politics, news and culture.

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