82. Chuck Hagel. The Former Sec. of Defense on Trump, His Relationship with Biden, American Leadership in Crisis, the Future of Independent Politics, the Debate, and Epic Halloween Costumes. From Wounded Army Private in Vietnam to Leading the Pentagon.

“We are solvers of problems–as Americans.” -Chuck Hagel. 

These are tough times in America. And it’s time to listen to our toughest leaders. Leaders like Chuck Hagel. 

Chuck Hagel [13:26] is a true American success story–and has been an independent voice of reason on our political landscape for a generation. Hagel served as the 24th Secretary of Defense from February 2013 to February 2015. He was a rare Republican in the Cabinet of President Obama and the first Vietnam veteran and first formerly enlisted soldier in American history to lead the Pentagon.

America is being tested from every side–and from within. From attacks on our elections, to attacks on our troops in Afghanistan, to attacks on Pentagon leadership by our own President. And this week, Foreign Policy takes center stage in the final Presidential Debate between Trump and Biden. Hagel breaks down how and if our military, foreign policy and political leadership is or isn’t ready for what’s to come. In this candid, personal and insightful conversation with our host, Army veteran and Founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff), Hagel shares insight into the Joe Biden he’s known for decades, the Donald Trump he’s seen up close, and the future he sees for America. It’s real and sobering–and also warm and uplifting. 

Hagel previously served in the United States Senate representing Nebraska, was President of the World USO, and in the mid-1980’s after returning from Vietnam, co-founded VANGUARD a highly-successful, publicly-traded corporation. He is also the author of, America: Our Next Chapter and the subject of a book entitled, Chuck Hagel: Moving Forward.

Hagel is a statesman, an entrepreneur, a grandfather, and always a patriot. And he is now a leader of National Security Leaders for Biden–a group of 780 retired Generals, Admirals, Senior Enlisted, Ambassadors and former Senior National Security Officials supporting Joe Biden for President. He’s gone against his own political party, conventional wisdom and our enemies for decades. Now, he’s fighting against Trump. 

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