20. America is a Coke Bottle, Trump is Sid from Toy Story, Machete is a Helper, Richard Pryor’s Cousin is Homeless in Washington, DC

It’s the dog days of summer in America. And there is LOTS happening you need to know about. From the aftermath of the El Paso and Dayton massacres, to the evolving shooting situation in Philadelphia, to attempts to change the meaning of The Statue of Liberty, to the wave of veteran suicides happening in VA parking lots, Paul Rieckhoff (@Paul Rieckhoff) breaks down what you need to know–and what you may have missed. He rips into the attacks on our democracy that should alarm you–and talks to heroes that will inspire you. And this vital and patriotic episode continues to add light to all the political heat of this turbulent summer of news and politics. Angry Americans is more essential than ever–and is the rising voice for independent, concerned and informed people of all backgrounds.

And Rieckhoff takes us deep into the streets of Washington, DC for a very different kind of guest. Angry Americans is the independent voice of the people. And in this episode, Rieckhoff takes us out into the streets of Washington, DC and inside Franklin Park–an epicenter of homelessness just blocks away from the White House–to talk to Frank and Michael. They are two men who’ve lived on the streets, seen it all and can teach everyone listening about the real state of affairs in America–and how to survive tough times.

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