Month: April 2019

4. Peter Berg, Marijuana’s National Holiday, Telemarketers, Trump vs the Media, Pancakes vs Waffles, Tim Riggins for President

This freight-train episode dives into the most important (and overlooked) issues impacting Americans nationwide–spanning movies, sports and music. Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) leverages his unique military, political and media experience to dissect the underreported national security and leadership elements of the Mueller Report, the attacks in Sri Lanka, Trump’s war with the media, the opioid crisis […]

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3. Ron Perlman, America’s Public Bathroom Problem and Trump’s Transban at Stonewall

In this wild, important and rapid-fire episode, Paul Rieckhoff breaks down Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s controversial 9/11 comments, Congressman Dan Crenshaw’s outrageous attack on 9/11 FDNY Hero Rob Serra, Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s rapid rise, the Pentagon’s refusal to talk to the media, and how to properly celebrate 4/20. Rieckhoff recounts his 2010 confrontation with Wikileaks Founder […]

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2. Rob Serra, 9/11 Hero. Howard Schultz’s Big Problem and the Statue of Liberty vs Trump’s Wall.

In a groundbreaking episode, Rieckhoff recaps a wild week of urgent news below the headlines that should make all Americans angry. He dissects what’s wrong with Howard Schultz’s independent candidacy and talks exclusively to 9/11 Hero First-Responder, New York City Firefighter and all-around badass, Rob Serra about the ridiculous fight in Washington he’s leading alongside […]

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1. Willie Geist on Puerto Rico and Batman in Times Square. Trump’s Wall vs the Marines,

In this dynamic inaugural episode, Rieckhoff explains the origin and urgency of this innovative new show. He breaks down how Trump’s Wall could jeopardize America’s national security priorities—and how it has now thrust the President into battle with a very unlikely opponent: the Marine Corps. And given the state of affairs in America, even nice […]

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