Month: January 2022

151. Michael Smerconish. Defining “Independent”. Analyzing Independent Candidates From Gary Johnson to Bloomberg to Schwarzenegger to Yang. How To Be Independent in Media. How F*#ked is Biden with Independents? Neil Young vs Joe Rogan. NFL OT Sucks.

As we all saw this weekend, NFL overtime sucks. A score on the opening drive should NOT end the game. It’s just not fair. The system is broken. Badly. But it’s not just the NFL OT system. The American political system is broken too. Badly. And so is the media. Badly. And the stakes there […]

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150. Soledad O’Brien. The Stupid Has Infected the Media. Shooting Fireballs At Everyone From CNN to Fox to MSNBC to Joe Rogan. The Naughty Centre: Now Open for Boris Johnson, Madison Cawthorn, Joe Biden. Laura Ingraham and more.

The stupid is rampant in America. It continues to be the only thing in America more contagious and rampant than the omicron variant. And it’s especially widespread in the media.  So this episode, we’re digging into it. We’re overdue for a conversation on the state of the American media. The American media that far too […]

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149. Congressman Adam Kinzinger. Is He Running for President? Will He Leave the Republican Party? Are We Facing an American Insurgency? What Is He Naming His Baby? Ted Cruz, Ray Epps, Ukraine & Afghanistan. Diapers vs Bottles.

It’s a dark, cold time in America. In many ways. But even in the darkest, coldest times, there are always helpers. Sources of light to warm our spirits and guide us out of the cold. And one of those sources is our guest in this episode: Congressman Adam Kinzinger (@AdamKinzinger). The 43-year-old Illinois Republican Congressman, […]

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Amherst: They Were Born After 9/11: They Want to Understand It

A gerat writeup from Amherst on Independent American’s host Paul Rieckhoff’s ground-breaking class: Understanding 9/11. Run-DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis” is thumping through Seelye Mudd 206 on a wind-lashed December Monday, as two dozen students chat before class starts at 4 p.m., the din rising near the blackboard which is chalked with these words: “Understanding 9/11” […]

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148. EXCLUSIVE: Noah Shachtman. Rolling Stone’s Editor-in-Chief. January 6: One Year Later. Navarro’s 100 Congressmen to Overturn the Election. Reviving Rolling Stone. Exposing Eric Clapton, Marilyn Manson, Joe Manchin. Music, Politics and Independents.

It’s a new year. It’s a new variant. It’s a new winter. And a new anniversary. It’s the first anniversary of the January 6th insurrection. And it is definitely a time to stay vigilant. Army vet, activist and host, Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) digs into all of it. And we’re joined by Rolling Stone’s new Editor-in-Chief, […]

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