Month: April 2022

168. Evan McMullin. Independent Candidate for Senate. The Democrats Just Endorsed Him. Can Utah Save America? Taking on Mike Lee, Trump & Putin. The Intelligence Fight in Ukraine. Gut Check Time for Mitt Romney. Trevor Reed, Mike Zacchea and The General.

Garry Kasparov said, “easy is over.” And it’s more true by the day. The war in Ukraine is grinding on, inflation is dragging down wallets, Jan 6 revelations continue to pour out, Biden is failing to find traction, and Trump is rising again. Easy IS over. And the fight will be long. The fight in […]

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167. UKRAINE WAR REPORT: Steve Schmidt. The Politics of Ukraine. The Political War Behind the War In Ukraine and the War Over Masks. Why Leave the GOP to Become a Democrat? Malcolm Nance Joins the Fight. Celebrating 420.

What’s the political landscape like now? How will Ukraine impact the midterm elections? And the 2024 presidential? Will there be a viable independent candidate to provide an alternative to Biden and Trump? Or to capture enough votes to swing it one way or another?  On this week of 420, the day where the world celebrates […]

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166. UKRAINE WAR REPORT. Behind the Scenes With Frontline Leaders on Ukraine. Matt Gallagher. Quan Nguyen. Joe Cirincione. Chris Fussell. Seth Harp. Bonus Content.

We’ve been focused on the War in Ukraine since before it started. But you’ve never heard our bonus content, that has until now been Patreon exclusive. It’s a little lighter than our regular stuff—and will help you get an idea of how the people on the front lines and in the center of the pressure […]

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165. UKRAINE WAR REPORT: Seth Harp. Investigative Reporting in Ukraine. Inside the Radical, Far-Right Azov Battalion. The Ukrainian Foreign Legion Doesn’t Exist. Is Bucha Just the Beginning? Why Did 97 Soldiers Die at Fort Bragg in Two Years?

Ukraine remains under attack. Civilians are still dying. Bucha, a suburb of Kiev, is the first of what could be many that reveal the scope and scale of war crimes. And it could get worse. Russian chessmaster Garry Kasparov said it–and I’ve been repeating since the war began. EASY IS OVER. The tide may have […]

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