206. Dan Lamothe. Inside Gen Milley’s Big Meeting with Ukrainian Gen Zaluzhnyi. The Looming Spring Offensive. Is The US Really Running Low on Artillery? Dems Obsess Over Santos. Gov Wes Moore Inaugurated in Maryland. NFL Playoff Picks!


There’s lots going on that most folks aren’t tracking on. Especially in Ukraine. But that’s not the case on this show. We’ve got a show focused on the most important and underreported latest. Especially when it comes to national and global security. 

And we’re taking you inside the massive meeting between American Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Milley and his Ukrainian counterpart just over the Polish border from Ukraine. 

Dan Lamothe is traveling with General Milley and joins us from Brussels with the inside scoop. And a look inside what it’s like to travel with America’s most powerful military leader. 

The Washington Post’s Dan Lamothe (@DanLamothe) is one of the best military and Pentagon reporters in America. He has written about the US Armed Forces for more than a decade, traveling extensively, embedding with each service, and covering combat in Afghanistan numerous times. 

Dan has joined us on this show three times. He joined us for Episode 96 in January of 2021. And again for Episode 154 back in February 2022 to talk about then new documents that revealed the U.S. military was intensely frustrated with the administration over the Afghanistan evacuation. And he joined us for Episode 185—one year after the collapse of Afghanistan—to share the insights and moving takeaways from his exclusive new story. And the intrepid reporter is again breaking news that you need to know more about. 

The fighting never ends. The political fighting. And the actual fighting. And the leaders leading the fight make all the difference. Whether it’s President Zelensky. Or new Maryland Governor Wes Moore. 

If you want or need a reason to be inspired and motivated, look to Annapolis this week and until further notice. Look to Maryland. And look to Wes Moore and his family and team. AND the first guest of this show to be governor of Maryland. 

You heard him on this show. If you haven’t, go back and listen to Episodes 10 way back in 2019 and and 105 in March 2021.

He might be the first guest of this show to be elected president too. And Rieckhoff digs into it. Along with news about the US Navy veteran released by Russia this week that you probably didn’t hear about—and a breakdown of all the NFL playoff games—and predictions! 

Welcome to the future of politics–the future of war–and the future of all things. Welcome to another Ukraine war report. 

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