210. Chef Robert Irvine. From Navy Cook to Feeding Presidents at The White House. Trump & Biden’s Favorite Dishes. Running a Restaurant Inside The Pentagon. His Last Meal on Earth. Independent Businesses After COVID. Saluting Peeps Founder Bob Born.


He’s gone from serving in the British Royal Navy as a lowly cook, to serving multiple presidents in The White House. From a troublemaking teen, to TV star, to entrepreneurial and philanthropic leader. He’s a truly great American immigration story. A truly great American business story. And a truly great American success story. And he’s here to chop it up with us in a way that is raw, hot and ready to serve. 

He’s Chef Robert Irvine (@RobertIrvine)!

As the presidential candidates from both sides continue to serve up their best, we’re gonna talk to a master about how he serves us his. And how you can serve up yours. 

It’s another important, inspiring, iconic American–who is changing what America was, what it is, and what it will be. And it’s another conversation packed with the best ingredients–the 5 food groups that drive everything we do on this show and from righteous media–the 5 i’s: independence, integrity, information, inspiration and impact. So pull up a seat at our table, and make yourself comfortable at our table, we hope you brought your appetite for a fun, and inspiring conversation–served up nice and hot. 

Paul will also chop up the Nikki Haley news, hit on Ukraine, the latest attacks on independent voting rights, and reflect on an epic NFL season! 

Welcome to our dinner table of conversation. 

Welcome to a conversation with a chef who is serving up the best for America–far beyond food. 

Welcome to Independent Americans, Episode 210. Order up!

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-Who won cause marketing in the Super Bowl? As mentioned in the pod, Paul broke down all the social impact commercials from the big game with CEO of Ethos and longtime social impact leader, Emily Kane Miller. From cancer to women’s sports to Jesus…there was a lot to talk about. Watch the fun conversation here

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