226. Rob Serra. 9/11 Hero On PGA Selling Out America To The Saudis. #BoycottPGA. Smoke Covers America. Russia Hits Ukrainian Dam. Is Zaporizhzhia Nuke Plant Next? D-Day. Independent Mayor Mobolade Takes Office. Transformers Reflects America’s Challenges.


Smokepocalypse is here. And so are those who want to smokescreen and burn down America. The world is on fire. Literally. So on this anniversary of D-Day, we’re calling in a trusted leader and friend of the show who knows how to fire fires. Fight for others. And fight for America.

Rob Serra (@SerraRob) is America’s leading advocate for firefighters and first-responders. A renowned activist, technical expert and father of three, Rob is a conscience for America who began his firefighting career with the FDNY with his first day in the field on September 11th. While he was not scheduled to work that fateful Tuesday, he reported to the World Trade Center to help with the aftermath of the attacks. And he’s been fighting fires for others ever since. 

Rob now serves on the Board of Directors at the Ray Pfeifer Foundation and is a leading national voice for First Responders everywhere. He’s the host of the Righteous Media production, The Firefighters with Rob Serra, (which has episodes you should go back and check out) and an outspoken and trusted voice in the media. He’s another important, inspiring and soon to be iconic leader–shaping what America was–is–and will be. 

NEVER FORGET was the mantra of 9/11. It has been on bumper stickers, repeated by Presidents, and hashtagged for two decades now. Twenty years later, has America forgotten? The PGA certainly has. And Rob and Paul dig into the shocking new PGA deal with LIV Golf. As keepers of the 9/11 flame, our First-Responder host, Paul Rieckhoff, and his heroic guest consider it their responsibility to try to make sure America never forgets. They also dig into the rise of independents, the smoke engulfing the northeast, and how it’s uniquely impacting 9/11 First Responders and veterans exposed to burn pits, the latest from Ukraine, the inauguration of independent Mayor Yemi Mobolade in Colorado Springs, the NBA Finals and why the new Transformers movie is a reflection of a divided America.

National security and political analyst and Army veteran Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) first hosted Rob on this show over 200 Episodes ago way back in Episode #2 and again on Episodes 11, 77 and 131. And this new conversation with Rob is as moving and as real as it gets. Parts of it are hard to hear, but you shouldn’t turn away. These are the hard truths and about holding those in power accountable that will leave you inspired. It’s a bold and blunt perspective you won’t find anywhere else on the media landscape. 

Every episode of Independent Americans is independent light to contrast the heat of other politics and news shows. It’s content for the 49% of Americans that call themselves independent. And delivers the Righteous Media 5 Is: independence, integrity, information, inspiration and impact. Always with a unique focus on national security, foreign affairs and military and vets issues. This is another pod to help you stay vigilant. Because vigilance is the price of democracy. In these trying times especially, Independent Americans is your trusted place for independent news, politics and inspiration. 

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