264. Michael Smerconish. New Hampshire Post-Mortem. Jason Kelce for President!? Haley’s Independent Appeal & Playing for QB2. Who Trump Might Pick for VP. Dean Phillips: Blah. The 2024 Wild Cards: RFK Jr, No Labels & Independents. Super Bowl Predictions!

The New Hampshire primary is over–and independents were a huge factor. Just as they will be in the general election in November. Who did they vote for? What do they care about? And who can appeal to them now—and in the future? And what’s next for Nikki Haley, Trump, Biden and the rest in this chaotic sprint to the summer nominating conventions?

Michael Smerconish (@Smerconish is back on IA to chop it up with Paul on all that. And, to rip into Jason Kelce’s shirtless emergence as America’s man of the people (and what it reveals–heh heh–about our politics in 2024), why more voters aren’t responding to Dean Phillips, why so many are responding to RFK Jr, who is on the bench for the Dems and Republicans, who can galvanize all this independent energy, and who’s gonna win the Super Bowl??? We’re digging into all of it in a fast and fun episode with your two favorite outspoken, bald and bearded, independent, white guys!

Michael Smerconish is a longtime political commentator, radio host, TV host, best-selling author, and maybe the single most high profile political independent in the media. A guy who has served as a guest host for voices on all sides of the political spectrum. He’s been a guest host for Chris Matthews AND for Bill O’Reilly. For Chris Cuomo AND for Glen Beck. And he’s the host of his own SiriusXM radio and CNN TV show. And Paul Rieckhoff’s stunt double! You can learn more and subscribe to his free daily newsletter here

Every episode of Independent Americans hosted by Paul Rieckhoff (@PaulRieckhoff) provides light to contrast the heat. It’s independent content for independent Americans. And every episode delivers a dose of the Righteous Media 5 Is: independence, integrity, information, inspiration and impact. This is another insightful pod to help you stay vigilant. Because vigilance is the price of democracy. In these trying times especially, Independent Americans will continue to be your trusted place for independent news, politics, inspiration and hope. 

Stay vigilant, America. 

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