270. Tim Mak. Ukraine at a Crossroads. Has Ukraine Given Up on America? The Battle of Antonov Airfield. Haley is Out. Sinema is Out Too. Super Tuesday Was Not Super for 6M Independents. America Says Biden is Too Old. SecDef Austin’s Rough Time.

Welcome to Independent Americans. And welcome to March. 

The weather is changing. It’s warming up and spring is so close you can almost smell it. But instead you’re probably smelling something different in the air. Something a lot less pleasant. It’s a smell that’s always been pervasive in Washington, DC and also on television and the airwaves. But in the last couple of years the smell has gotten out of control. It’s everywhere. It comes out of random strangers at random times. You can’t escape it. It’s everywhere. It’s bullshit.

Whether it’s a government shutdown, or America abandoning Ukraine, or two old men apparently nobody wants for President running for President, we are drowning in bullshit. And when you’re drowning in bullshit, you’ve got to reach for the truth. And you’re gonna get it in this episode. From Paul Rieckhoff on Nikki Haley dropping out, Biden being too old, Trump being too toxic, SecDef Austin being too slow, and much more. To include Ukraine. 

Tim Mak (@timkmak) is a man on a mission to find the truth. Tim is an investigative journalist with a background in politics, national security, and emergency medicine. He’s the author of a book about the inner workings of the NRA, titled ‘Misfire.’ and he’s a former U.S. Army medic and EMT. His writing has been featured in Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, The Daily Beast, Politico Magazine, and the L.A. Times. And you can hear him regularly on NPR’s Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and Politics Podcast.

He’s reported abroad from such places as Ukraine, South Sudan, Djibouti, Israel, Japan and Hong Kong. And now, he’s launched his own new media venture called The Counteroffensive. He’s taking people deep inside the war in Ukraine. And he joins host Paul Rieckhoff for a look behind the front lines at the people who are feeling abandoned and betrayed by America. It’s a heavy dose of truth, but it’s a lot better than the bullshit. If you like bullshit, this ain’t your place.

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