269 Michael Steele. Michigan & South Carolina Primary Insights. Where Will Haley Voters Go? Being the only Republican Host on MSNBC. Does Biden Have a Harris Problem? More Congressional Chaos. Will RFK Jr & No Labels Spoil Everything?

The story that remains underreported is how much Trump ISN’T getting. He’s a freight train as nominee—but still NOT getting 30%. AND, he’s continuing to struggle with moderates in his own party and especially with independents (as revealed most vividly in New Hampshire). It continues to underscore his general election weakness. Which is revealed (AND increasing) with Haley in. 

And on the other side, Biden is inevitable—but failing with 15% of “uncommitted” protest votes AGAINST him. And another 3% going to Williamson—who dropped out. He continues to struggle with progressive Dems due to Israel—and his age. And he’ll struggle with some independents on that—and with Kamala Harris as VP.

And too many forget (especially in the media) that RFK Jr (unfortunately) continues to have the highest favorability rating of all the candidates, is polling over 20%, and will likely gain momentum in coming months. Especially among critical independents.

2024 is all about moving a critical and rising number of #IndependentAmericans. That’s the final battlefield. It’s all gonna come down to them. This year—and likely every Presidential year to come. 

We independents are the key. And the future. 

And we’ve got the perfect guest to help break it all down. 

Michael Steele (@MichaelSteele) is back and always he’s bringing the heat (Hear/watch his previous appearances in Episode 193 from Oct 2022 and Episode 222 from May 2023). The Former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Former Lt. Gov. of Maryland has served in all levels of elected and government office and is now a Political Analyst for MSNBC and the host of his own influential political podcast

He knows politics like the back of his hand and he’s not holding back.

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