115. Molly McKew. Unpacking Cyber Attacks Hitting America–from SolarWinds to the Colonial Pipeline. Who is DarkSide? What Will Hackers Hit Next? Congress Votes To Investigate the Insurrection. Lollapalooza, Talladega & T-ball.

We’re finally winning the war against the coronavirus. But what about the next war?

While many in Congress want you to breeze past the pandemic failures, or the failures to stop a predictable and preventable insurrection attack, new attacks are happening right now. And have been happening for years. And as the summer comes and Americans get less vigilant, our enemies are attacking. 

Russian-backed hackers attacked our 2016 election. Last year, more Russian-backed hackers executed the SolarWinds attack that hit nine federal agencies and over 100 companies–including thirty-seven defense companies. They even hit the office at the Department of Homeland Security that is supposed to protect federal computer systems from cyberattacks. And this month, Colonial Pipeline got hit. A company that transports hundreds of millions of gallons of gasoline from Texas to New York got hacked by ransomware that shut down the pipeline and sent gas prices soaring. And there have been countless other attacks on America that you’ve never heard of. And there will be countless more. 

So before you relax and enjoy your maskless summer, we’re gonna stay vigilant and dig into ways you can protect yourself, your country and your future. With a leader who is pretty damn good at predicting the future. Information warfare and Russian influence expert, Molly McKew (@MollyMcKew). After joining us in Episode 84, one of our most popular guests is back. McKew has traveled the world studying, analyzing and advising on the most urgent cybersecurity, misinformation and technology-based threats. An adjunct professor at Georgetown, McKew teaches Russian hybrid warfare. Which is a pretty timely topic right about now. 

It’s another conversation to inspire–and to help you stay vigilant. Because eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.

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And stay vigilant, America.

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