Month: May 2022

KBLA – The Tavis Smiley Show – May 24, 2022

Paul joins Tavis Smiley for a discussion on the changing demographics of the people that identify as independent, white supremacy as the biggest threat facing the country, the war in Ukraine, the implications for China and Taiwan and more.

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  🎙🔥Independent Americans host Paul Rieckhoff joined Katy Tur on MSNBC Reports to discuss the bipartisan legislation aimed to help veterans exposed to toxic #BurnPits and #AgentOrange, what can stop it in Congress, and the pre-#MemorialDay rally for vets in DC next week led by Jon Stewart. Watch this clip for more.đź“ş This is progress, […]

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  Independent Americans host Paul Rieckhoff breaks down the latest on Ukraine with News Nation, discussing how the NYT op-ed paints the wrong picture for how events can and should unfold as the war with Russia enters a brutal new phase.

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171. John Opdycke. Opening Primaries For Independents. Who Are Independents? Millions Blocked From Voting. Taxpayers Are Funding Closed Primaries. New Maine Law Opens Primaries. Is Nebraska The Future? Massacre in Buffalo. Ukraine Wins Eurovision.

Huge primaries happened this week in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Oregon and Kentucky. And millions of independent voters (the fastest growing segment of the electorate) were shut out completely. Just like they’re shut out of primaries in dozens of states across America. And will be shut out of the Presidential primaries in 2024. Democrats and Republicans […]

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170. Nolan Peterson. Former US Special Forces Pilot Turned War Reporter. Final Stand at Azovstal. Inside the Ukrainian Air War. Are Foreign Fighters Making a Difference? Bono Stands By Ukraine. Remembering Oleksandr Makhov. The American Dream 2.0.

Witnesses are calling the Avostal plant in Mariupol a living hell. There are reports that the massive complex has been bombarded 34 times in just the past 24 hours. The Russians continue to attempt to storm the plant. But the Ukrainians aren’t backing down. 100 civilians, more than a thousand soldiers, and 500 wounded remain […]

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169. Iryna Solomko-Bonenberger and Adrian Bonenberger. A Ukrainian-American Love Story. Evacuating Your Parents From Ukraine. American Initiative vs American Bureaucracy. The War on Women Rages On. The Roe v Wade Decision Rips Through Mother’s Day.

Right now in America, there’s a war being fought. A war on women. And right now, we’re losing. And losing sucks. So maybe the Democrats could learn a thing or two from the Ukrainians. The Ukrainians that are fighting — and winning — against overwhelming odds. And maybe we could all learn something from them. […]

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