113: Ruben Gallego. Congressman & USMC Veteran. Inside The Capitol On January 6th. Political Mortal Kombat. Majorie Taylor Greene Calls Him a “Coward.” Protecting Allies in Afghanistan. Will He Run Against Sen Kyrsten Sinema? Biden is AWOL on Burn Pits.

Mortal Kombat is a new movie based on the old video game. And now, it’s the #1 film in America. If you don’t know, it’s about fighting. And it’s also the state of affairs in Washington. In 2021, every day in Congress is a kind of mortal combat. 

But the violence and fighting in Washington that we’ve seen in the last year–and on the January 6th attack–is not the first violence American has seen in the Capitol. It’s just the first seen by this generation. 

Our host, activist, author and combat veteran, Paul Rieckhoff ( @PaulRieckhoff), breaks down the history, context and what could happen next. 

And he talks to Arizona Congressman and Marine Corps infantry combat veteran, Ruben Gallego (@RubenGallego). Gallego has been a political combatant in the news a ton lately. He was inside the US Capitol during the attack on January 6th, helping his colleagues put on their gas masks and prepare to fight for their lives. He’s been slamming Republican leadership, serving on the House Armed Services Committee, leading the charge to get veterans healthcare for burn pits and other toxin exposure, and clashing with controversial Republican Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Green. Taylor Green called Gallego a “coward” and Tweeted “Democrats are the enemy within.” 

Gallego fired back, Tweeting “”I was trying to figure what type of pen to stab your friends with if they overran us on the floor of the House of Representatives while trying to conduct a democratic transition of power. So please shut your seditious, Qanon loving mouth when it comes to who loves America,” 

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And stay vigilant, America.

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