179. Defining Independents. Congressman Adam Kinzinger. Tavis Smiley. Michael Smerconish. Evan McMullin. John Opdycke. Lindsay Church. The Search for a New Direction for America.

Over the years we’ve brought you some of the best voices on the biggest subjects. From Stephen Colbert to Pete Buttigieg to Rachel Maddow the guests have been important voices to hear from at critical times for our country. And this year we’ve taken some time away from the usual dumpster fire of partisan news to focus on the issue that is nearest and dearest to our hearts. The stick that stirs our drink. Independents. And specifically why we think independents are not only an important constituency but the key to solving our country’s political stagnation and gridlock. 

So as you listen to the rhetoric and divisive partisan media as the fall midterms approach, consider this a primer. Independents 101. It will make you a smarter voter. And it will make you a smarter citizen.

Hear from the political mavericks that are challenging the status quo and seeking to redefine what it means to be political. Redefining what it means to be patriotic. Redefining the future.

Get the full versions of the following episodes wherever you get your podcasts or at the links below:

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Episode 149 – Congressman Adam Kinzinger

Episode 151 – Michael Smerconish

Episode 168 – Evan McMullin

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Episode 177 – Lindsay Church

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